Operations OutSourcing

Ipso Facto's Operations Outsourcing services have alleviated problems organization experience with managing and maintaining ongoing internal applications and services. With Operations Outsourcing, Ipso Facto provides the highest level of service while keeping operational costs low

Ipso Facto provides Operations Outsourcing services in the following areas:

Regulatory Services

Ipso Facto provides computer-based solutions for compliance monitoring of State and Federal regulations. Our proprietary systems minimize manual labor, while eliminating review discrepancies and inaccuracies that typically occur with labor-intensive projects. Ipso Facto leverages information technology and automation to:
Assure quality, sufficiency, and accuracy of all work.
Assure timeliness for completing required tasks and deliverables.
Provide accurate and timely progress and activity reports to management.
Consistent interpretation of rules due to automated support.
Built-in cost containment measures from the outset.
Applications Management

With Applications Management, the goal is to relieve organizations of the responsibility of maintaining, enhancing, modifying, and documenting systems expected to be used for an extended period. This enables the organization to retain control and yet focus on the core business activities.

Application maintenance is an ongoing activity, in many cases lasting for years; it ultimately becomes the most expensive data processing expense. Due to the longevity of software systems, it is quite common for the maintenance costs of these systems to exceed the initial development costs. In many cases, Ipso Facto can provide equivalent services at lower than in-house costs.

Ipso Facto Application Management resources are not constrained by headcount limitations and have a large, diverse technical talent pool.
Ipso Facto provides applications management services for:

Database Management Systems
Legacy Systems
Enterprise Applications
Internet Applications

Help Desk Management

Help Desk Management is essential for any organization to function smoothly. Budgets are short, demands are high, and productivity cannot be sacrificed. With Ipso Facto's Help Desk Management Services, any organization can alleviate the continuous drain on financial and human resources. Ipso Facto acts as the primary response team for any and all areas of your help desk.

Ipso Facto uses its proven management, forecasting, and risk management techniques to keep operations in line, while maintaining lower operational costs and rapid response times.